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Pablo Escobar Hacienda Napoles

365 days of the year.

Duration: 12 Hours

Language: English/Spanish

(min 2 persons)

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Take this fascinating full day tour and visit Pablo´s most valued ranch on the country side, Napoles hacienda where he had a private zoo and his own plane track. Walk around his abandoned ranch and enjoy of a sanctuary of fauna and flora with a private bilingual guide who will narrate throughout the journey.

Tour stars when your bilingual private guide collects you at your hotel, heading towards Bogota on a 3 hours ride where you are free to make stops as you go and even enjoy a courtesy breakfast. Upon arrival at Napoles ranch, your guide will explain what there is to see and how you can plan the day inside this massive Hacienda that has several acres, your entrance ticket is included. After your memorable photo at the entrance showing Pablo´s very first plane that he scored, meet the hippopotamus park, where they have been growing in population ever since Pablo brought them from Africa.

As tour approaches Pablo´s home there is Vanessa the hippo, Vera the rhino and meerkats habitat. Feel free to take photos at some of Pablo´s toys next, cars he used in races and his some of his favorite cars. House has been invaded many times by curious neighbors looking for hidden valuables or else, so there is not a proper building now since the walls have been falling down. However, it gives anyone a perfect idea about the splendor and luxury of those days just by looking at the bird cages and the rest of the infrastructure.

If you feel like checking out the track where Pablo landed his private planes, then just take a moderate walk down from his house and explore the old track that hosted so many shipments to and from overseas. There is enough free time to enjoy a courtesy lunch anytime you feel like, there are cafeterias nearby and restroom facilities as well but no ATM guaranteed.

In the afternoon hours you are suggested a stop at the Jurassic park in order to appreciate replicas of the most significant dinosaurs laid out on side of the road so you don’t even have to get off the car. Close by there is the African museum, a magnificent arena with onsite museum where to learn closer about Africa and the history of human race. Since there are several wild animals in this farm, your guide will drive you around thoroughly so you may appreciate a wide variety of animals you otherwise wouldn’t see in Colombia. In the late afternoon, tour gets ready to head back to Medellin on a comfortable ride sharing great views of the country side. Just feel free to make a stop anywhere to use bathrooms, stretch your legs, or grab a courtesy beverage.

For exclusive service with Carlos the Ex-cop, it will only cost extra $100 USD. He is bilingual, and after being part of the SWAT team chasing Pablo he has a story that definitely makes the difference.

NOTE: The profit of these tours doesn’t go to former associates of Pablo Escobar. We tell the history of the dark days of Colombia but we are not glorifying Pablo Escobar in any way.


Hotel pick up and drop off


Private car with bilingual driver and AC


Typical souvenir


Entrance to park


Traveler`s insurance


Parking fees


Lunch – beverage - Breakfast


Fully narrated tour


Local taxes


Tips to driver/guide


Get the exclusive service with Carlos the cop, for only extra $100 USD. An experience that definitely makes the difference.



  • Napoles Hacienda east of Medellin


  • 365 Days Of The Year, Daily Departures at 8 am. (Not open on Monday or Tuesday after national holiday)


  • Hotel pick up and drop off

  • Private car with bilingual driver and AC

  • Traveler`s insurance

  • Local taxes

  • Parking fees

  • Fully narrated tour.

  • Lunch

  • Breakfast

  • Beverages

  • Entrance to Park.


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