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UTV private tour in Medellin

Drive your own UTV today! Just a few minutes of Medellin you can have the chance to drive full throttle and enjoy full adrenaline ride with your own UTV during 1 hour and 30 minutes passing through spectacular sceneries always challenging your vehicle and your skills (…)

Starting from: USD $399


ATV rides outside the Medellin valley offer fascinating views of the country side that visitors would not visualize otherwise. We offer a great way to enjoy the sceneries while enjoying the pure adrenaline from the bikes, it is a completely safe activity near the city and assisted by certified bilingual guides who will provide riding tips and escort along the ride. A approximately 3 hours of journey, based on (…)

Starting from: USD $77


Soccer is pretty much like a religion in Medellin, and you have the chance to join one of the local teams as a fan in order to live a once in a lifetime experience that will definitely change your point of view and will give you a more comprehensive perspective about latin culture. Soccer game is an experience that last up to 5 hours from pick up to drop off, with availability subject to major league’s (…)

Starting from: USD $55


You and a group of friends can take a day of paintball on one of the best courses in the world. Full padding, helmets, eyewear, guns and paint balls are provided along with safety instruction. Tour lasts 4 hours approximately from the time of pick up to the end of the tour, after 30 minutes to arrive at the Paintballl camp; customer can use bathrooms and/or purchase extra drinks. Tour includes a courtesy beverage, and initial load of (…)

Starting from: USD $43


We invite you to participate in this fun activity and learn how to shoot the most representative weapons on a controlled atmosphere and under the supervision of a extremely well trained military expert. Fine tune your accuracy on the several targets available, on this tour you will feel the fascination and experience the thrill of shooting like you never had before. Tour includes a theoretical and practical instruction, 25 cartridges of 9 mm (…)

Starting from: USD $125


Pedal a natural Paradise, passing old train stations along metal bridges at 260 ft high, tunnels and waterfalls. Enjoy beautiful sceneries as you interact with natives and share spectacular views of Tusa and Bravo Peaks which are the closest to a natural pyramid. Ride distance is about 10 to 15 km / 6 to 9 miles, the terrain conditions are road of sand, flat with short hills, and is recommended for any type of biker, even beginners (…)

Starting from: USD $99*


Fly over the city on a unique experience; enjoy Medellin´s heaven and its ample valley. This journey around the metropolitan area takes off from local airport Olaya Herrera where you are driven by your private and bilingual guide- Share the most spectacular panoramic views around the mountains and representative buildings during 20 minutes approximately. At the end, your guide will take you on a personal visit to that particular place that (…)

Starting from: USD $169*


Enjoy the excellent view of the Aburrá Valley surrounded by nature,  and the best of the paragliding in Medellín. The paragliding flight is very pleasant and smooth without sensations of strong falls. The feeling is the same as the birds have; Only the wind feels. The security is maximum, we carry a protection for the back of the passenger, emergency parachute, helmet and everything necessary to make our flight more pleasant and safe (…)

Starting from: USD $103


If you are the adventurous type and your senses are more at ease when surrounded by nature, Horse rides outside the Medellin valley offer fascinating views of the country side that visitors would not visualize otherwise. Located just 45 minutes away from the center of Medellín, this tour provides the perfect mix of Colombian culture, natural beauty and adventurous activities, discovering Medellin’s most amazing sceneries and (…)

Starting from: USD $49


Tour lasts 4 hours approximately from the time of pick up to the end of the tour, instructor provides all necessary tips, protection pads and outfit. Tour takes you on a 700 meters distance zip-line, and 140 meters tall, where customers get to fly over the tree tops for almost 2 hours. Visit this phenomenal reserve and enjoy its spectacular views and pleasant surroundings from above. This journey allows you to enjoy the beautiful (…)

Starting from: USD $43


This fascinating extreme adventure sport can take you to a unique natural landscape, get on a multilayer raft, is a sense of style that removes all accumulated adrenaline, navigating rivers and thrills to the different levels of rough waters. It is a full day tour where you will see surprising landscapes along the Cauca River, near Santa Fe de Antioquia and La Pintada among others. After traveling for more than an hour outside of the (…)

Starting from: USD $46


Silleteros (flower carriers) are famous over the world and participate in many parades and festivities. One of the world’s most famous parades is the annual Feria De Las Flores in Medellin and hundreds of Silleteros participate. This tour is designed to let you see how these elaborate flower displays are made, provide a brief history and tradition of the Silleteros as well as introduce you to nearby Santa Elena. Bring your sweet tooth (…)

Starting from: USD $43


Discover Medellin’s sensational salsa scene on a fully narrated tour that will take you beyond so called touristy attractions on a fully narrated tour with flexible departure times any day of the week.  Your bilingual driver will come to your door and then head to Medellin´s most significant salsa settings. There is enough free time to walk around and take the best postcard pictures, with convenient facilities where to use (…)

Starting from: USD $54


Bring your dancing shoes and party outfits, and get ready to experience the party as you have never seen visiting Medellin, which becomes a party and rumba city from Wednesday to Sunday of each week and when there is a holiday on Monday ( and there are 26 of them) we go ahead with the party. Paisas love rumba, it’s part of their culture and it’s in their blood. It’s a city at night, it’s usually not even starting until 10-11 and it usually (…)

Starting from: USD $71


Medellín is rated as the second popular tango metropolis of South America after Buenos Aires since Carlos Gardel, the king of Tango visited Medellin often.  During this tour we take you to San Pedro Cemetery Museum and Plaza Gardel where you will discover more about the history behind Tango in Medellin. We take you to one of the oldest tango bars in town where you also have the change to try it yourself. This tour also includes a (…)

Starting from: USD $26


This fantastic 3 hour experience will introduce you to top local comedians and nationwide artists who play spectacular performances every night of the week from Tuesday to Saturdays. A great way to get a feel for native’s habits and traditions after an exhausting day walking around the city. Just lay back and enjoy with the various gestures, expressions, and customary jokes performed during this fascinating 2 hours show. Tickets are (…)

Starting from: USD $95


Enjoy a delicious traditional dinner just outside of Medellin, at this phenomenal hacienda where you will be able to discover Colombia`s main dances on a fascinating one hour show with all the folklore you can possibly get in one place. At the end of the show, you are invited to practice Colombia`s main dances with professional local dancers who will finetune your steps and will provide a fantastic touch of Colombia. Once you are (…)

Starting from: USD $75*


Fonda is a local bar with exotic decoration and typical Colombian music, a perfect compilation of common artefacts, appliances, paintings, and religious icons which display centuries of cultural heritage that represent the core Paisa values making this such a particular region nowadays. This tour is designed to display Medellin’s most popular Fonda’s, you will Learn by first hand intriguing habits and social traditions of “Paisa’s”, and (…)

Starting from: USD $43


Medellin is known for the quality of medical and dental services. The cost of dental procedures in Medellín is very cheap to compare with the prices of the United States and Europe. The “laser whitening tour” has become a very popular procedure for those who visit Medellín. Medellín City Services ® provides the only personalized LASER WHITENING tour, which includes general ultrasonic cleaning, dental (…)

Starting from: USD $195


Medellín City Services ® presents the best plan to please your body and soul, enjoy the best relaxing massages, facials, and thematic spaces created for a complete rest. Enjoy an Egyptian, Hindu or Hawaiian ritual while relaxing your muscles. Combine it with aromatherapy to reach a maximum level of relaxation.
Give your body the perfect balance between rest, beauty and (…)

Starting from: USD $125


Realizing that many foreigners come to Medellin looking for girlfriends or wives, Medellin City Services offers a very personalized Tour where we will take you to the top three places in town where to visualize the hottest Latina dancers. We are now offering an adult male oriented tour of various venues with exotic dancers. Don’t miss this one guys. Your bilingual guide will meet with you at your accommodation, and then embark on a (…)

Starting from: USD $43


Medellín has one of the best Christmas lights in the world according to USA Today publication, this becomes another reason to accept the invitation we make to all the people in Colombia and the World to come to visit Medellín any time of the year and specially in Christmas season, when lighting is illuminated let see the best of it, with ornaments and lights full of color and tradition (…)

Starting from: USD $15

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