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Pablo Escobar Escape Route

365 days of the year.

Duration: 4 Hours

Language: English/Spanish

(min 2 persons)

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In June 1992 biggest drug lord entered his own prison just south of Medellin under an agreement with the Colombian government. Later, in July 1993, Pablo Escobar and some of his lieutenants walk freely out of the so called Cathedral, a desperate decision to avoid being extradited to the United States. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city on a half day tour to walk through the fascinating escape route that set Pablo and his crew free for the last time in 1993 as seen on Netflix second season of Narcos. Be part of history and discover with your own eyes the path followed by Pablo out of his private prison and get tips from your local guide on a fully narrated tour that will lead you through natural sceneries and spectacular city views.

Once your bilingual guide has met at your hotel, tour heads south just minutes away on a personalized journey by private car (with AC) towards Envigado municipality where Pablo Escobar grew up. Once at Envigado, tour stops at Pablo´s personal prison where everything started back in June 1992. There is enough time to walk around and take amazing photos of the spectacular city views and the old prison which includes a rotatory bed where Pablo slept, a helipad, and several dorms. Feel free to use bathrooms and get ready for a couple of hours walk down the secret route that set Pablo free only 13 months after entering the Cathedral.

You don’t need special skills to follow this route as there is moderate walking and your private guide will escort you all the way while answering questions and providing full information that will allow you to fully absorb the local atmosphere. Stops can be made along the way if you want to stretch legs or take photos of the panoramic views, so feel free to ask your guide whenever you consider convenient.

First stop after a couple of kilometers involves the secret hillside where Pablo and his staff rested overnight in order to cheat the local army who was all over the jail and surroundings, lay back and  enjoy fresh mountain air as your professional guide fills you with anecdotes about those dark days.

When you are ready to continue just let guide know, and get ready because just minutes away you will be entering one of the most spectacular reservoirs known as “La Miel”. Share soothing sceneries and get closer to wildlife as you keep walking away of Pablo´s prison. This is the perfect hands on approach where to experiment and put yourself in Pablo´s shoes. Feel the rush and adrenaline as if you were Pablo while your guide leads along natural paths and gets closer to civilization.

There are a couple of creeks down the hill where stops are made and you will be able to dive in or just relax listening to the freezing water run down the Medellin valleys. Finally, your private guide will pick you up again at an agreed location where the walk ends and you are driven back to your hotel or any other location you suggest.

NOTE: For exclusive service with Carlos the cop, please make sure and select ADD ON at the end of your booking process. He is bilingual, and after being part of the SWAT team chasing Pablo he has a story that definitely makes the difference.

NOTE: The profit of these tours doesn’t go to former associates of Pablo Escobar. We tell the history of the dark days of Colombia but we are not glorifying Pablo Escobar in any way.


Hotel pick up and drop off


Private car with bilingual driver and AC


Typical souvenir


Relevant entries to metro


Traveler`s insurance


Parking fees


Lunch – beverage


Fully narrated tour


Local taxes


Tips to driver/guide



  • Envigado, La Paz (Pablo´S Hometown)

  • La Miel (Pablo´S Prison)

  • Pablo´s Private Prison

  • La Miel Natural Reserve.


  • 365 days of the year, daily departures 7 days a week 9am and 2 pm *Flexible start time, please inquire.


  • Hotel pick up and drop off

  • Private car with bilingual driver and AC

  • Traveler`s insurance

  • Local taxes

  • Parking fees

  • Fully narrated tour.


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