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Half-day Pablo Escobar by Carlos the Ex-Cop

365 days of the year.

Duration: 4 Hours

Language: English/Spanish


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Most tour operators are trying to copy this fascinating tour around Medellin´s past and present guided by Carlos the excop, so feel free and ask to see his ID and full name CARLOS PALAU. He used to be part of the SWAT team going after Pablo back in the days. For security reasons Carlos left Colombia and relocated in the states where he learned his impressive english skills. 30 years later Carlos is back in Medellin and is a father of two phenomenal teenagers.

Medellin City Services® and Medellin City Tours© are sisters companies and the only ones offering the excop´s unique service around the city. For a reasonable Price take an exclusive 4 hour tour with Carlos and get to know spectacular inside histories with one of the few remaining witnesses of those rough times. Tour starts after Carlos collects you at your hotel or any other location you suggest for pick up, heading to neighborhoud La Paz where Pablo spent his early days. First stop takes you inside of La Cathedral to learn how Pablo surrendered the colombian governement for a while and ended escaping just 18 months before his death in 1993. Enjoy the spectacular city views from this secret location which is  today home of an Elder community and lush natural reserve.

Second stop takes place at the infamous Monaco building where Pablo´s family and his crew lived for a couple years in the middle of Medellin´s elite untill receiving what once was the first car bomb explosion in Colombia, in the late 80´s. After 18 months of exhausting pursuit, finally the colombian government captures Pablo in a central location in Medellin near the football stadium. Visit thirdly the rooftop where Pablo ended up this violent pursuit in December 2, 1993, and make your own conclusions about who, what, or when Pablo was killed after learning amazing anecdotes by someone who participated in the hunt for Pablo such as Carlos the excop.

Follow next a captivating history about the end of the mafia days in Medellin City as you are guided into the cemetery where Pablo finally rests along with his family members, and ironically, accompanied by all the White collar society of the days. Definitely a very intriguing tour for those looking for a real history beyond Netflix. Book this tour ahead of time privately with Carlos the excop for only usd 75 per person. And feel free to ask for his ID as many guides are pretending to be Carlos and telling tourists fake histories about those remarkable days.

NOTE: Trending tour, subject to availability


Hotel pick up and drop off


Private car with bilingual driver and AC


Typical souvenir


Traveler`s insurance


Visit to Catedral included


Parking fees


Fully narrated tour


Local taxes


Tips to driver/guide


Trending tour, subject to availability



  • El Poblado

  • Monaco Building (Pablo’s Penthouse)

  • Envigado, La Paz (Pablo´S Hometown)

  • Pablo/Griselda Blanco’s Graveyard

  • Downtown Medellin

  • Los Olivos (Pablo’s Final Hideout)

  • La Catedral (Pablo’s prision)


  • 365 days of the year, daily departures 7 days a week 9am and 2 pm *Flexible start time, please inquire.


  • Hotel pick up and drop off

  • Private car with bilingual driver and AC

  • Traveler`s insurance

  • Local taxes

  • Parking fees

  • Fully narrated tour.

  • Visit to Catedral included


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