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Barrio Pablo Escobar Tour

365 days of the year.

Duration: 4 Hours

Language: English/Spanish


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Discover with your own eyes the real perception of the average Medellin citizen about the druglord Pablo Escobar, on a fully narrated tour to the popular barrio Pablo Escobar with a professional local guide and multiple departure times any day of the week. Learn how many individuals earned their college degrees at the community that considers Pablo a saint and even today celebrate religious services in his name. “Saint is the one who looks after the poor citizens, then Pablo Escobar has to be a saint”…

In the early 80´s the so called municipal dumper called the attention of one man, who offered to donate more than 400 homes in order to create a positive impact on one of the poorest communities at that time. Those who moved out of Moravia, the old dumper, happily relocated to a new neighborhood they have proudly called Pablo Escobar as a tribute to the person who provided the funds and made history. This unique tour takes you around the Pablo Escobar neighborhood so that you can share interesting stories with main characters whose homes were dondated by the druglord.

Your bilingual driver will come to your door and then head towards the Pablo Escobar community on a customized journey by car with AC just minutes away. Get objective facts and info from community leaders and those who were rewarded a home by Pablo. There is enough free time to walk around and take the best postcard pictures, with convenient facilities where to use bathrooms or grab snacks at any time so we recommend bringing cash and/or Colombian pesos since not every store takes credit cards.

NOTE: The profit of these tours doesn’t go to former associates of Pablo Escobar. We tell the history of the dark days of Colombia but we are not glorifying Pablo Escobar in any way.


Hotel pick up and drop off


Private car with bilingual driver and AC


Typical souvenir


Local taxes


Traveler`s insurance


Parking fees


Lunch – beverage


Fully narrated tour


Tips to driver/guide



  • Pablo Escobar Community (East Side of Medellin):

  • Visit To Pablo’s Chapel

  • Walk around the Neighborhood, Interview Key Characters


  • 365 days of the year, daily departures 7 days a week 9am and 2 pm *Flexible start time, please inquire.


  • Hotel pick up and drop off

  • Private car with bilingual driver and AC

  • Traveler`s insurance

  • Local taxes

  • Parking fees

  • Fully narrated tour.


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