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Tours in Cartagena

Cartagena Half Day City Tour

In this colorful tour you will appreciate the architectural style of the real Cartagena by contemplating sites such as the Clock tower (Torre del reloj) and the old Plaza de La Aduana, explore and interact with local characters around the Getsemani streets, Appreciate the impressive art deco of Heredia Museum, Enjoy panoramic views from San Felipe Castle while learning about the time of slavery and shop along the Bovedas and bring home (…)

Starting from: USD $125

Cartagena's Cuisine Half Day Tour

You want to taste the best tropical and Caribbean flavors of the region? This tour is made for you! Get to know Cartagena by tasting traditional dishes around the city, Appreciate the broad variety of tropical fruits along Bazurto market and taste traditional home made cuisine. Not only will you get to know new fruits that you did not even know existed, but also you will be treated as a family member specially at the time of having a delicious (…)

Starting from: USD $125

Cartagena Canoe Mangroves

We developed this tour so you can adventure inside the La Boquilla community to further understand a fisherman’s world, Navigate along Cartagena’s most representative mangroves, just minutes away from Cartagena. We take you on a custom tour headed to one of the most significant swamps near Cartagena, and one of the largest mangroves on earth. Where you will identify Colombia’s exhuberant biodiversity (…)

Starting from: USD $125

Cartagena Sensational Salsa Tour

In this spectacular journey you will visit the city´s most recognized salsa bars, recognize basis steps for Salsa from experts and Impress your loved ones by learning about Cartagena’s Salsa history from a local. Moving towards to the city center to discover what salsa represents for locals at one of the most recognized venues, Donde Fidel. There is enough time to walk around and take photos or just appreciate the history of such (…)

Starting from: USD $125

Fantastic Fishing Experience near Cartagena

A different type of journey for those who want to get some adventure and get familiar with the fisherman job. In this amazing experience you will paddle with local fishermen through the calm waters at the different cienagas near Cartagena, Learn basic fishing styles, Interact with native fishermen and understand their motives that encourage them to start fishing. Learn from the fishermen three different fishing techniques: using a fishing line, nets and (…)

Starting from: USD $125

Bazurto Market Half Day Tour in Cartagena

This colorful journey is made for walking and exploring around Cartagena´s best kept secret at the Bazurto market.  Explore local customs and interact with natives. Take samples of the most delicious tropical flavors along the venues and enjoy a traditional lunch at the market’s amidst music and arts along the crafts section. Feel free to enjoy a shake made of your new favorite fruit, as your guided around the handcrafts made by local artisans (…)

Starting from: USD $95

2 Days Mompox from Cartagena

This tour is made to go back in time to learn about the heritage city of Santa Cruz de Mompox, Admire fascinating biodiversity along Magdalena River and Visit the different workshops where to interact with local craftsmen, Spending a night at colonial Mompox taking a look of the most representative icons while you learn about its historical importance for Colombia’s independence. It is time to check out why it is famous for and (…)

Starting from: USD $595

Zenu Indigenous Immersive Tour

A cultural journey made for you to learn about the valuable heritage of the Zenu culture, Enter the Zenu Gold Museum and get details directly from local guide. Gain knowledge about the importance of Zenus inside of Colombia, and their contribution to the country’s culture. A custom tour to one of Colombia’s most valued indigenous communities. Initially, at the gold museum you’ll be able to discover gold pieces that you (…)

Starting from: USD $95

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