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Full-day Pablo Escobar by Carlos the Ex-Cop

365 days of the year.

Duration: 8 Hours

Language: English/Spanish


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Carlos the expolice officer, has been a witness of all the terrible actions the cartel caused to probably thousands of victims. He’s still alive, and good thing he is nowadays a happy resident of Medellin while offering tours exclusively for Medellin City Services. Do not miss this opportunity to learn closer about narcos and the overall conflict from a police man point of view.  Go ahead and schedule a private tour with Carlos the excop and learn closer about the mafia and its impacts in Colombia from a victim´s point of view.

Carlos, your bilingual driver will personally come to your door any day of the week, as long as you book ahead of time, and introduce himself while providing a quick intro about the journey. Then, get ready to embark on a personalized tour full of anecdotes and relevant facts about the history of Medellin before, during, and after the mafia days.

Tour starts south of the city, exactly driving around La Paz blue collar neighborhood where Pablo grew up.  Ironically “La Paz” means peace in spanish. Discover Pablo’s origins and learn where it all started. Next, be a witness of Pablo´s evil as you are driven by La Macarena bull fight arena, place where sadly a carbomb was activated by the Medellin cartel and killing hundreds of innocent victims. Tour continues to Monaco building in El Poblado area, place where Pablo lived when he first tried to fit in the most elite white collar communities in the city. Learn how he got attacked a couple of times and why he decided to run away and hide for the rest of his life. Move on to Pablo´s hangouts as a youngster and make a stop at Ciclista fonda to share old school anecdotes and visualize Pablo´s early days as a mobb chief.

Right after lunch, tour takes you on an exclusive visit to Pablo’s private prison also known as “La Catedral”. Enjoy the views as you approach La Catedral and then learn closer about Pablo’s stay and escape from this custom made facility. After leaving La Catedral, Pablo started hiding all over Medellin. Tour takes you precisely to the exact house where the druglord was hiding the day of his capture in december 2, 1993. Make your own conclusions whether or not Pablo was shot or he suicided. Following, tour goes to Pablo´s cemetery where you will be able to recognize all family members that passed away next to Pablo including his cousins and the very last bodyguard standing. Plus, you’ll learn about the godmother who sponsored Pablo in his early days, also known as Griselda Blanco (The black widow).

Finally, at Pablo’s museum you will share the memories of the druglord throughout his life. Eventhough he is older and not very healthy, there is a big chance you can take a personal photo with Pablo´s brother named Roberto (The little bear or osito), if he’s not at a doctor’s appointment.

NOTE: Trending tour, subject to availability


Hotel pick up and drop off


Lunch - Beverages


Private car with bilingual driver and AC


Typical souvenir


Traveler`s insurance


Visit to Catedral included.


Parking fees


Fully narrated tour


Entrance to Pablo´s museum.


Local taxes


Tips to driver/guide


Trending tour, subject to availability



  • El Poblado

  • Monaco Building (Pablo’s Penthouse)

  • Envigado, La Paz (Pablo´S Hometown)

  • Pablo/Griselda Blanco’s Graveyard

  • Downtown Medellin

  • Los Olivos (Pablo’s Final Hideout)

  • Pablo´s community

  • Pablo´s hangout (Ciclista fonda)

  • Pablo’s museum

  • La Catedral (Pablo’s prision)


  • 365 days of the year, daily departures 7 days a week 9am and 2 pm *Flexible start time, please inquire.


  • Hotel pick up and drop off

  • Private car with bilingual driver and AC

  • Traveler`s insurance

  • Local taxes

  • Parking fees

  • Fully narrated tour.

Not incluided: Lunch – Beverages – Typical souvenir – Tips to driver/guide


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