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Our team


At Medellín City Services we are continually in search of the brightest and most talented individuals to challenge ourselves and our industry to set ever-higher standards for development work.


Bertha Cárdenas

Legal Affairs


Juan Pablo Ocampo

Website designer & Online marketeer


Camilo Uribe

International negotiator and founder of MCT and MCS was born in Colombia and spent part of his life in USA


Kevin Moreno

Lived in USA for several years and brings abroad knowledge when it comes to Medellin streets and surrounding villages


Silvio Martinez

Paisa who survived the rough times of narcos. In loved with Medellín and ready to tell you his personal experience.


Carlos Palau

He was a Police Officer and made part of the SWAT team chasing Pablo Escobar in the 90's, uniquely does tours for our company


Charles Paez

Believes in hard work and professionalism, he's known to make users feel like friends due to such a great service.


Mario Guerrero

As an international negotiator he adds multicultural awareness to the company, and speaks Portuguese.


Pablo Rojas

After living in UK for many years, he speaks perfect English which he is able to combine with impressive knowledge of Medellin and surroundings.


Sergio Buitrago

His years of experience during the dark days of narcos make him a perfect guide when it comes to the transformation of the old vs new Medellin


Daniel Castaño

Excelent tour guide with extraordinary English skills and a great friend, who will guarantee to you the best experiences in Medellin.


Andres González

36 years old Professional guide, responsible,good friend, faithful and loyal. Passionate about traveling and serving others


Andres Villa

Born and raised in Medellin, a worker in love with the city, I have seen how we have risen and overcome so many difficult moments, I like what I do and even more that I can teach our visitors so many other good things about our culture and our city


Andres Gomez

Lived in the United States for 18 years, a systems engineer who loves to show the beauty of the city and the country

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